Crystal of the week.


Labradorite – Canada, Russia, Italy, Greenland, Scandinavia

Chakra – Core, Third Eye

Another great protection stone, Labradorite protects our Auras, our personal energies if you like.
Working on a emotional note, Labradorite reduces our fears and insecurities whilst maintaining a healthy response to disappointments that may occur throughout our lives.

It’s another crystal that helps connection but mostly, through my own experience, it’s helps us to connect to our subconscious. Working with this type of connection we are able to access that which makes us truly remarkable, all of our desires, intuition and imagination. If you are a creative person I believe Labradorite can enhance and amplify this, alternatively for those who may feel the opposite, it can create a spark for you to build on and explore

Labradorite is also known as a stone of knowledge, one which can help us during times of studying or perhaps when we may have many questions but are struggling for the answers.