Angel Whispers.

Healing Mediation From the Angels written by Tracie Pixie Long.

Get yourself settled on the sofa or lie on your bed cover yourself with a blanket so you’re nice and warm light a candle if you want too. Set your phone for 20mins. If you are more experienced with meditation you may feel comfortable just drifting back when you are ready. Now it’s time to clear your mind, concentrate on your breathing, slowly breathe in and out nice and deep. As you start to relax, I want you to imagine you are walking in the forest, the air is clear you can see your breath in the air, as your breath out. The cool air feels nice fresh on your face. You have your hat and scarves on and your feeling nice and warm; now your cheeks are slightly rosy. As you walk along its lovely and peaceful, no one else is about, as you look around and you see the wonderful colors of the leaves on the trees, red, yellow, orange, green and brown, one floats down in front of you, you bend to pick it up, I want you to remember what color it is, you walk on holding it in your hand, just a little way ahead you see a pathway, you begin to follow it, after what seems like a few minutes you step into a clearing as you look further in front of you, it’s a lovely and lush green carpet, suddenly you notice some stepping stones you make your way towards them, you reach them you stand looking at them you see they have writing on them, each one has a word inscribed in them, you whisper them to yourself, You, Me, Them, as you look down at them you think that’s a bit odd I wonder what they mean, you go to step on the first one, you feel just like you did as a child, curious and excited, the urge is over powering just as your about to put your foot on the first stone, a angel appears beside you, you gaze up at the beautiful angel then she speaks, the first stone means I give un conditional love to you, the second stone means put your trust in me, the third stone means, time to let go of them, go on step on them, one at a time says the angel as you do so repeat after me, and I want you say these words in your mind, so you do as she asks, I will accept un conditional love, second stone, I will put my trust in you, third stone, I will let go of all the upset from the people that have hurt me. The angel glows brightly and speaks again, now you will be free to Love, Trust and Forgive slowly she starts to disappear. You look around in wonder, there’s is no sign of her she is gone, it’s starting to rain a light fine rain you don’t mind, you like it feels refreshing, you decide to walk a little longer, soon you realise you’re on top of a hill, looking down, you think to yourself it looks fairly steep, your uncertain whether to try and get down it or go back, as you stand pondering you notice you have gone in some sort of circle and at the bottom of the hill is the pathway you were on earlier. You decide you’re going to get down the hill as you step forward you stumble, lose your footing and your falling just then your angel appears and holds your hand, your back on your feet running down the hill, crying and smiling at the same time you feel free, your soul feels light and you are happy, just like the child you once were, see said your angel I will always be there , now you have put your trust in me I will always be here for you , you reach the bottom and again she is gone, somewhere inside you, you know running down that hill you have let go of some hurts that have been holding you back and making you un happy, but most of all you now know your angel will always come when you need her, now you have put your trust in her. Slowly you walk back along the path, there is a spring in your step that wasn’t there before, now as you head through the forest, and you remember that you still have the leaf in your hand you picked up earlier you decide to keep it as a memento. Slowly you begin to wake up relaxed, calm and safe.

One thought on “Angel Whispers.

  1. Dear Tracie
    It’s so nice to have some one do a mediation for me I have really relaxed and concentrated on your written word. Everything was so easy to visualise.
    Thank you. So much Jenny


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