Angel Whispers

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Angel Boards have you ever to tried one?
Angel Boards look similar to an Ouija Board. They have the traditional letters A-Z and the words YES and NO they also include the numbers 1-9 and 0. With an Ouija board you would all place your fingers on a planchette or a glass, you then ask the spirits usually loved ones to help you move the planchette around the board to spell out words.
Angel boards are beautifully decorated with images of angels and flowers can be very successful in contacting your angels and guides when using an Angel Board we are working with the highest level of vibration. Always made sure you feel well and healthy, and never use when you’re tired, drunk or under the influence of drugs of any kind.
Your medium will make sure the room is prepared using smudge or some other form of clearing and protection, to make sure the area is safe. It is always nice to say a prayer, light candles and use some crystals, like rose quartz or angelica which is a light blue crystal to bring in a nice positive energy. The board can be used in daylight or a fully lit room.
Always use these means of communication with people you trust and feel comfortable with. I recommend you always work with a medium present a confident medium will know how to deal with anything that may occur, and close it down properly, and ensure everyone is safe.