Santa’s Helpers – )


Today I met up with my angel friend, Chrissie Astell for a coffee and a catch up just to see what she been up too. As you know I like to take a few photo’s to mark the occasion, we both got right involved and had some fun messing up the displays and props in this garden centre 🙂 thinking about it now probably far too much caffeine on my part! Did you know that Chrissie once worked as a registered nurse specialising in the care of the elderly and dying she had a vision many years ago of angel carrying a heart which had a profound effect on her, she now uses her healing energy to carry out her work with the angels. Chrissie has written four books, has loads of angel oracle cards,( some of which I use myself ) and CD’s you can even down load a free guided meditation from her website, if you’re interested in angels and learning more about them you might want to take a look at the retreats and workshops coming up for next year.
Website – Face book page Chrissie Astell Author