I thought I would share this with you all, its always lovely to get feeback :)

Hello Tracie , & thank you for your iff you don’t mind me saying scary but accurate spot on email. I lived in London for 52 years & when it was the anniversary’s of my late parents passing I would always go & see a medium as dates are special to me. I am very judgmental & expect the best . I moved to Essex over a year now & thought where am I going to find a good medium ? Well they say nothing is by chance ! I went into a shop in ..Chelmsford & was told about a good medium….I came away & thought there is no one as good as the one I saw in London but felt I had to give her a chance as going back to London was to expensive. So I emailed tracie & soon I got the reply ! ….After reading the email again & again I was pleasantly surprised but how could this lady tune into me so accurate. Well the medium in London could only do that as I am so fussy . The dates Tracie gave me & where I was going with my life soon woke me up so to speak. I do find it hard making decisions that’s me & my family are my world…..So I reflected & asked for an ..Angel reading which flew back at me & again woke me up ! . I can be quite stubborn with guidance & direction . I told my daughter in law & she was amused but curious so hence wanted a reading..She bless her came back to me feeling just like I had but so impressed . I can now say that tracie is just like George who I went to for readings & on the same wave length who funny enough lives in Essex but he wont mind me saying that. …So thank you lovely for your compassion & honesty…….Who will I go to again ? Tracie & iff in London George ! ……I will say just iff you want a honest reading & value for money Tracie is the one & wont let you down ….God bless lovely & keep the good work up …Oh & I found your sense of humor a blessing & funny..Keep going & may your spirits always guide you ……Ann x x