My blog write up on Taloch lead singer of the Dolmen.


Saturday evening I set off with my friend Chris to Witchfest International to meet Taloch Jameson from the Dolmen a Celtic rock band, very popular within the pagan movement, luckily for me I managed to have a photo taken with the handsome half naked lead singer (things were starting to look up) more by sheer determination then anything else. I must say was pleasantly surprise, I felt very drawn to him, any very conscious of the fact that I was taking up his time, after all he doesn’t know me from Adam! Not that he seemed to mind as Taloch is a down to earth guy very spiritual, not run by a big ego as you would imagine some to have get when they have a following, we got chatting it turns out his late Grandmother was a medium and his is very open to spirit having friends that teach…

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