The Witches Hat.

Yule Decorations


Yule, when witches decorate their houses, they do so from the doorway inward, this is a way of inviting the light inside. They adorn doorways and mantles with evergreen, and cords in reds, blacks, greens, and gold’s. Our ancient ancestors brought an evergreen tree inside to mystically ensure there would be light all year round. The evergreen retains sunlight, staying green all year, and reminds us that life is forever present and renewable.
Use candles to decorate your homes and tables, red, white, gold, green & white candles, holly, mistletoe, pine cones, pine needles, oak leaves, sandalwood, ivy, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, chamomile, sunflower, frankincense, myrrh, wintergreen, apple leaf, dried apple.

Just have fun and see what you can create 🙂


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