Crystal of the week.


Rose Quartz – U.S, South Africa, Brazil, India, Japan, Madagascar

Chakra – Heart

Probably the most popular crystal around, Rose Quartz is commonly know as the Love stone. It’s main focus is to work within your Heart Chakra, opening your emotions and connections to others.

It really is the relationship stone, whether that be with your significant other, your family, friends or simply to open your heart to all. When applying it to your loved one, Rose Quartz has the ability to strengthen your bond, encouraging a closer connection. Placing it within the bedroom, Rose Quartz is commonly used to increase libido and fertility between couples.

Family bonds are incredibly significant in shaping the person we are and will become, using Rose Quartz helps amplify this connection in a healthy way, perhaps even expanding our idea and feeling of family to our friends.

An underrated aspect of Rose Quartz is it’s ability to identify self love, when we understand this concept I believe we can start to find self peace and happiness. To truly love ourselves can be very difficult but nothing so important comes easy. Learning to love ourselves helps us open our hearts to others and love unconditionally. I believe there is a big difference between conditional and unconditional love. Conditional seems to imply the love for another because of what they can do for us or how they make us feel. Unconditional love is the love for another without restraint, to love them for who they are, to make them happy, in turn making us happy. This all starts from the confidence to love ourselves and the trust to fully love another.

As the Beatles said ‘All you need is love’. It’s the most powerful, inspiring and beautiful of all our emotions, sometimes we just need a helping hand walking the path. Love breeds compassion, kindness and empathy, these traits are the foundations of humanity, that spark within us all that can truly change the world.