This week’s crystal


Amber – Worldwide

Chakra – Base

A natural result of fossilised tree resin, Amber has similar properties to Jet. A fantastic grounding stone, it connects us to earth energy and the concept of natural balance

Like Jet, Amber has been used for many years as a connection to the past, a conduit to ancestors that ancient civilisations used whilst performing certain rituals. Many civilisations still believe that most of our questions can be answered by looking to the past and asking our ancestors for guidance. Connecting to those that have gone before us holds such importance to so many different cultures that the practice has expanded in incredible variety.

Another really helpful use of Amber is the practice of cleansing or clearing our Chakras. Many people feel that a block or dormant feelings stop them moving forward, this can be applicable in our day to day lives or during certain practices such as meditation. Amber helps clear all of our Chakras, personally I use it on different Chakras before meditation depending on how I feel. Sometimes I may need a boost, others I may need to clear my cluttered mind and so on.

Because of its connection to the natural world and in particular trees, many people use Amber as an overall cleansing crystal in the same way Quartz is. Some people use it to clear the environment around them whilst others use it to cleanse themselves.

An undervalued aspect of Amber is it’s promotion of calm, I’ve mentioned before the importance of a calm mind. Amber helps us visualise a natural balance, an ideal of perfect harmony in nature. This technique focuses our thoughts and gives us that moment of clarity we need to calm our minds