This weeks crystal.


Lapis Lazuli – Afghanistan, Pakistan, Chilie, U.S, Egypt, Russia, Italy
Chakra – Throat, 3rd Eye, Crown

From personal experience, Lapis is the most effective protection stone around, it blocks negative energy effecting our lives and gives emotional protection from those around us. Sometimes and often unknowingly people around us can effect our emotions, Lapis protects the negative aspect of this keeping us on an even keel. Staying positive in difficult and stressful situations is incredibly important, working with Lapis can help us achieve this

It’s a very effective crystal for people working with others during emotional periods. It helps us maintain balance and positivity when others and we need it the most.

An underused aspect of Lapis is it’s ability to connect to our dreams, using Lapis during sleep helps us access our dreams in a different way, working alongside our subconscious to understand our true feelings. This information is incredibly helpful, we interpret our lives through our dreams, understanding them better helps us apply this information into our daily lives. For people who are interested, it also helps with lucid dreams walks, a technique used to consciously control our dreams. It’s a fantastic experience, one which I would highly recommend to those looking for a new experience or insights into our own minds.