Meeting up with Psychic Artist Patrick Gamble

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On Saturday I headed over to the Mind Body & Soul show at Kempton Park to have a chat with psychic artist Patrick Gamble, having seen some of his work online I was interested to see how he worked and how he came to be on his spiritual journey. It turns out this charming man who is very forth coming and open, is a builder by trade. Patrick came across some oil paints while working one day and felt drawn to have a go at painting, having been a complete atheist and felt a bit un-nerved by the fact that he seemed to have a spirit guide called John who he channels when he paints for his clients. Like many of us that have the calling to work on a spiritual level if you ignore it the universe will find a way to make us wake up and get on with it. Patrick’s came through a changeling time on reflection he realized where he needed to go with his life. He now has his own art studio and gift shop in Cornwall where he also teaches psychic art workshops. If you would like to have a go at painting yourself he is running a lot more retreats next year. Apart from the awesome art work I was very impressed to see he has his own pack of reading cards, every one of them has one of his pictures printed on them. When doing his private sittings Patrick uses the cards to help with his work by channeling loved ones or guides by asking his clients them to pull 12 cards while he paints, so you get a mixture of a reading and a picture. I think I will get myself a pack you never know it might inspire me to take up painting again. If you would to have a look at Patrick’s art work visit his website

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