Crystal of the week

1794584_825116510872124_8622475677846536409_n crystal

Iron Pyrite – U.K, Chilie, Peru, North America

Chakra – Base, Core, Heart

Whilst, in my opinion, under used in Britain, Iron Pyrite is one of, if not the most popular protection and energising stones within North America. It has been used by a multitude of cultures from ancient civilisations through to today.

It’s known as a protective shield, worn close to the heart it blocks negative energy that may effect our emotions. Using it through your Base Chakra, Pyrite gives us a physical boost working against fatigue. Through our Core Chakra it promotes strength and confidence, the two combined help us deal with stressful situations or simply with the unknown. As I’ve mentioned before, fear of the unknown can be incredibly frightening, working to increase our confidence and personal strength helps us look to the future with a positive, committed mindset

Another aspect of Pyrite that is again underused is it’s ability to help us see our own potential. In so many of us lies a dormant potential sometimes hidden so deeply within our subconscious we are unable to access it. Pyrite can help us access this information, giving us the opportunity to express and explore our potential. It gives us the confidence to try new things, many of which can be well out of our comfort zone, opening doors to release our potential.

Overall a favorite of mine, Iron Pyrite has so much more to offer than it’s commonly credited with, really worth a try.