Do you Meditate ?

Some of the reasons why mediation is good for you.

Improves reactions

Reduces worry and helps with stress

Makes us better listeners

Enables us to make better judgments

Improves tolerance

Less aggressive

Is great self help for addiction

Makes us act with more control and in a more constructive manner

Makes us more balanced individuals

Improves motor performance

Allows us to manage and control our thoughts

Improves focus and concentration

Makes us more creative

Improves vitality

Makes us more emotionally stable

Improves intuition

Makes us more productive

Enables us to see the big picture

Helps us to ignore unimportant distractions

Helps us when solving complex problems

Makes us more responsible

Helps with road rage

Settles restless thinking

Reduces our need for pharmaceuticals

Makes us need less sleep

Makes it easier to get to sleep