I just need to begin with – DAMN YOU, MERCURY RETROGRADE!

I know it hasn’t officially started yet, but I know it’s already taking its toll on me and several others out there. So, after many blunders today, I decided to make this spread. Perfect for this… astrological pain in the ass!

Here’s an explanation of the cards:

1. You, during the mistake – Time to take a step back and see yourself from a different perspective. Something lead you to that point. This will give you a glimpse.

2. Root of your actions – A deeper look into your intentions. Were you drawn to something? Or was it merely a mistake? Did you know you were going to feel like an ass after the fact? (I didn’t, really.)

3. How people see you now – This is a big one. Embarrassment comes from what we think others are going to think/feel about us. This comes from the mistake, hence the card’s position. So, how do people feel now it’s over with? Have they moved on, or are they still thinking about it?

4. How to get over it – You can’t linger on this forever. This card will offer up some advice.

5. What to learn from all this – Well, you can imagine you won’t do it again. But maybe there’s something else to take away from this crazy experience.

Remember, we cannot escape Mercury retrograde, but we can learn to accept that shit happens and move on from it. Hopefully, this spread will help in those tough situations! Good luck!