How to Connect with Your Spirit Guide

Spirit Guide Connection

Connecting to you Spirit Guide is much easier then may think. Just remember there is no right or wrong way of doing this as everyone is different they receive and send messages that are comfortable with that one person.  This is just my experience and how I teach.

Everyone is different and you will find what is right for you. Make sure you find a nice quiet place away from distractions and noise this is just for the first few connections with your guide. You will find once you become more confident that noise or kids screaming in the back ground will not become a hindrance to you. You will be having your own one on one chats in no time with noise and all.

 Always say a little prayer. I’m not religious so I always ask may everything that I receive be for my highest good and thank spirit for being there.

 Get yourself comfortable 

  • When you are ready, close your eyes and try and to still your mind this can be tricky for some at first so don’t worry if it takes a few attempts to do this, it can take anywhere from a minute to several minutes but just keep trying.
  • Try focusing just on your breathing this usually helps and relax. Remember they are not there to scare you.
  • Connecting

     Now when you are ready kindly ask your guide to please come in (they are usually there but you may feel the energy in the room or around you change) as they step closer to your aura.

  • You will usually feel your guide’s presence and you may feel different energy in the room, this can be anything from a light tingling on your crown chakra or even a smell or a touch.  Try to remember how your guide comes in as this will help you recognize them in future communications you have with them.
  •  ( do you get a tingly, or warm or does someone touch your hair maybe )

If the energy feels heavy just ask them to step back a little. They will always oblige.

  •  Now when you can feel your guide as mentioned above ask them simple questions like – are you male or female? – do you have a name? (If you cannot receive their name or it is too hard to pronounce ask them if it’s ok if you give them a name that is easy to remember they usually don’t mind).

 Do not be disappointed if you do not receive anything the first couple of times as sometimes spirits energy are very subtle as to not scare you. They gradually will get stronger.

  •  Now spirit usually starts to communicate with you through your mind usually with your own voice and this is so not to worry you and helps with learning to connect. (also see clairaudience)
  •  Now you will probably feel this energy at the top of your head or left side of your head closer to your ear. Remember everyone is different, I receive my messages from the left side and hear their voices from the left but communicate it and pass on their messages from the right side.

     Now as you get used to your guides energy start getting to know them. They aren’t scary they are here to help not to hinder. Remember in the beginning keep questions simple especially when you are first starting out. Always thank them and have fun they are a hoot especially when you are bored. And you will never be lonely or bored again. 

     Good luck and enjoy your new journey and those around you in Spirit in your life.