Angels & Manifesting

Sometimes when we have been trying very hard to manifest something and yet nothing seems to be happening, we think we have done everything we should be doing in order to make our dreams come true. Could it be that we focus on creating something for a few moments and then we think oh, what’s the use, this may never happen for me!  Then we have effectively blocked the energy of its manifesting from happening in our lives. By bringing your doubts and fears into the open, you can tackle them one by one, with your Angels help and support, you can ask that your Angel helps you find a solution that will resolve and heal each one. Perhaps its feelings of unworthiness block your way. Your Angel may lead you try crystals, meditations or other methods that will help you to feel worthy in receiving abundance. Angels can help us acquire whatever skills or tools we may need so that we can easily handle whatever arises in connection with manifesting. Another thing is being able to let go, once you have chosen to manifest something you need to remember that it is not only up to us to create it but that the entire Universe stands ready to lend a helping hand, the only way this can happen is if you are willing to give it over to the Universe, otherwise you may spend more time trying to sort out what you feel you need to be doing which deflects energy away from the manifestation, by doing this it will lead you straight back into doubting that you can accomplish what you are seeking to create. Instead try looking and listening for your Angel signs and then take action, when those are completed, new signs and ideas will be handed to you and will find you are living out what you have asked for. Your Angel may also ask you to release some other things that you thought you wanted but actually interferes with what you truly want from a heart and soul level. It maybe that you are spending so much time chasing after things that really have no true meaning for you or serve your best interest. Projects may suddenly shut down or be lost, you may find that you need to change jobs or move house. Friends that you once felt close to may fall away or you find you have to distance yourselve from family members that are not supportive or are draining in some way. This can be a very frightening time. It maybe you have asked for the Angels help only to watch the foundations of your live crumble, not what you expected to happen at all and yet, this is also be liberating as it allows us to begin anew, to focus on what is truly fulfilling for us. These things that we believed formed the basis of our lives may actually be the things that were making us live a false life, if there is no true passion or vitality coming from these things or from these people, is it because they do not represent who we truly feel we are. We all need to clear the way from time to time so that we may grow. Remember very step of the way, you will have an Angel walking right beside you helping as you move through this process.